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Film, Sheet and Paper Thickness Profile

SCAN_LASER 2010 – Micrometer Over Roller


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SCAN_LASER 2010 provides on-line measurement of:

The system can also provide feedback control for dies / haul off / calendar rolls / coating blades.

Materials Measured:

Scan_Laser 2010 can be used to measure any flexible material as it travels over a roller. Typical materials include:

Coated fabric Plastic sheet and films Paper sheet - all grades
Non woven fabrics Extruded glue Rubber sheet
Packing materials Extruded sealant Safety flooring
Tape products Foam sheet Laminates

Measurement Principle:

Dual-sensor system

Dual-Sensor systems with eddy current and laser thru-beam: the eddy current sensor supplies a reference signal with respect to the roller which goes into the calculation of the actual thickness signal from the laser micrometer.

The systems use the principle of 'laser thru-beam' to measure the thickness of the material as it travels over the roller. This technique is independent of surface finish and can therefore be used for any type of material from clear films through to fabrics.

The thickness profile is provided by scanning the micrometer across the entire width of the product. An infra red sensor can also be added to the head for temperature profile measurement.

The thickness is measured relative to the roller. There are two measurement head options:

Micrometer only: For applications that require an accuracy no greater than 20 microns, the use of an accurate roll (TIR Better than 10 microns) combined with a reference scan of the roller is the proposed solution.
Combined micrometer and eddy sensor: See panel for description of operation. This technique can be used for measurement resolution of <1 micron and is therefore used for films and other very thin material.

Measurement Technical Data:

SCAN_LASER 2010 is supplied with one of two measurement heads.

SL2500 – Micrometer Only
Range Up to 30mm
Accuracy Better than 20 microns
Resolution Better than 2 microns
Frequency 2.3Khz
Material Independent
Temperature Option to add infra red sensor
Width Option via encoder
SL2600E – Micrometer and Eddy Sensor
Range Up to 10mm
Accuracy Better than 5 microns
Resolution Better than 1 microns
Frequency 2.3Khz
Material Must be insulator
Temperature Option to add infra red sensor
Width Option via encoder

Sensor Head and Installation:

Micrometer laser gaugeThe measurement head is mounted on a linear guide that is controlled via either a stepper motor or AC motor depending on the application.

In normal operation the head scans back and forth across the material and provides a thickness profile. There is an option for the head to remain stationary for a period of time and measure the thickness at a single location as the material moves down the production line. This enables the investigation of effects along the length of the product.

The system can be installed on either an existing roller – if there is sufficient clearance as the material passes over the roller – or on a new dedicated roller.

Software and Systems: 

SCAN_LASER is based on standard PCs with a touch screen and traffic light annunciators. The software is configurable for the different types of measurement and control. A typical user interface screen is shown below.
Typical user interface screen

SCAN_LASER software provides: