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Proud to be supporting About Being – A Unique Dance Project for Stroke Survivors

In recent months, AIS has been supporting Susie Tate and her About Being initiative, which aims to help stroke survivors. Our involvement in this unique project came about as a result of us experiencing first hand, the impact that having a stroke has, when one of our longstanding colleagues and dear friends suffered the same experience. We hope Susie’s work will make a huge difference to stroke survivor’s lives and are delighted to have been given the opportunity to support her.

Origins of About Being

About Being came to life in Spring 2017, after Susie Tate led a 10 week dance and movement project on the neurology and older adults wards at Cumberland Infirmary.  Dance in hospitals is developing rapidly across many regions and this initiative was part of a larger Arts Council funded project to develop dance therapy in hospitals for rural locations such as Cumbria, which were currently unserved.

Susie’s initial project for neurology patients was a great success, with clear outcomes demonstrating that physical, mental and emotional wellbeing were increased when patients had the chance to move through dance.  It also opened up a lot of unanswered questions about where others could also benefit, particularly in relation to people who had suffered a stroke.

AIS became involved to explore this further, by providing the financial support Susie needed to see if and how dance could also help stroke patients. In addition to ourselves, the programme is also being supported by the University of Cumbria’s dance, physio and occupational therapy departments, with an MSc Occupational Therapy student undertaking research.

Project aims

The aim of this project, which starts in the hospital and then moves into the community, is to offer a space for people who have had a stroke to come together to explore, create, socialise and get necessary exercise: in all, to take ownership of their recovery. Accompanied by music, the sessions will focus on the positive potential of how each person can move: tracing melody with fingers, improvising and creating, all supporting participants’ capacity to experience more.

Ultimately, Susie’s vision is for this project as being a model of work for further dance and other arts projects: through arts intervention, a logical, accessible progression from hospital to the community is created, where the person is at the centre – not their medical issues.

We are delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile project and will be sharing details of outcomes in the months to come.

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Safety systems installed on

After the two recent London Tube fire scares, Metro decided to write an article on how passengers should respond during these situations. Simon Burras was interviewed for this piece about the technical design of modern metro safety systems, which ensure maximum passenger safety and allow people to self rescue in the event of an emergency.

Here’s what he said:  Safety on a modern metro infrastructure


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What’s more expensive than cheap software?

7 benefits of SmartSCADA integration with WinCC OA

The quality of any construction project is dependent on the quality of materials used during the build. This maxim is especially true for the software deployed, which is perhaps the essential component of any rail or road infrastructure project. There’s nothing more expensive in a project than using cheap software.

As control system integration and safety system specialists working on some of the world’s biggest new tunnel infrastructure projects, AIS relies on Siemens WinCC OA safety approved SCADA software to provide an open architecture and scalable system engine.

Internationally renowned and capable of being SIL approved, the Siemens Win CC OA platform has become a de-facto standard for large infrastructure for both safety and non safety applications. WinCC OA represents the leading product of a new generation of Smart SCADA software, enabling users to transform their data into actionable information that will increase efficiency and improve overall performance.

Here are 7 good reasons why AIS is delivering the Crossrail Tunnel Ventilation Control System using Smart SCADA integration and why Siemens WinCC OA is the best product for your application. Read more

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AIS Project featured in Bridge Design & Engineering

QEII Structural Health Monitoring project featured in June issue of Bridge Design & Engineering

Bridge Design & Engineering magazine has featured the work AIS has completed to implement a new structural health monitoring system for Connect Plus Services on the QEII Bridge, one of the UK’s busiest road crossings.

As a result of investing in its new structural health monitoring system, CPS, which manages the QEII Bridge, can accurately forecast longer-term maintenance and operational costs in the shortest possible time frame.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Neil McFadyen at COWI who was instrumental in helping us to create this article, plus everyone else who involved with this fascinating project.

Find out more about the QEII Bridge structural health monitoring project in the June issue of Bridge Design & Engineering magazine.

Read the AIS case study

If you would like to discuss your individual structural health monitoring project requirements, please send an email to [email protected] with brief details.


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Asset Management: Monitoring the Dartford Crossing

AIS supply the SCADA system that monitors and controls the Dartford Crossing tunnels. Through the foresight of the tunnel operator (Le Crossing and then Connect Plus Services) and the Highways Agency (now Highways England), our team was given the chance to demonstrate where and how the benefits of early M&E involvement can be realised.

Published in Highways magazine, insights from our involvement in the Dartford Crossing development demonstrate the clear advantages for improving cost management, ensuring systems are delivered fully integrated and providing better overall coordination of the different project phases.

Asset Management – Monitoring the Dartford Crossing: Highways article Jan_Feb_2017

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Critical Dartford upgrade highlights need for early M&E

The recent Dartford Tunnel upgrade involved the implementation of a new Fixed Fire Safety System, CCTV, enhanced tunnel ventilation and more. As the main M&E system integrator and contractor involved with this aspect of the project, we benefited from taking a collaborative approach which helped to ensure multiple disparate systems could be effectively controlled via a single under interface, designed in collaboration with operators.

Simon Burras explains how AIS’ early involvement delivered returns for all stakeholders in his article for Construction News.

Read the article: Dartford Tunnel upgrade demonstrates benefits of early M&E involvement.


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Involve M&E suppliers earlier to save project costs

Based on direct experience, involving M&E suppliers early in a project can make a huge difference to long term costs.

AIS’ Managing Director, Simon Burras has written about the importance of this for Infrastructure Intelligence. He believes that not involving M&E early enough can subsequently lead to three key missed opportunities and longer term cost of ownership issues.

Read more