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7 benefits of SmartSCADA integration with WinCC OA

The quality of any construction project is dependent on the quality of materials used during the build. This maxim is especially true for the software deployed, which is perhaps the essential component of any rail or road infrastructure project. There’s nothing more expensive in a project than using cheap software.

As control system integration and safety system specialists working on some of the world’s biggest new tunnel infrastructure projects, AIS relies on Siemens WinCC OA safety approved SCADA software to provide an open architecture and scalable system engine.

Internationally renowned and capable of being SIL approved, the Siemens Win CC OA platform has become a de-facto standard for large infrastructure for both safety and non safety applications. WinCC OA represents the leading product of a new generation of Smart SCADA software, enabling users to transform their data into actionable information that will increase efficiency and improve overall performance.

Here are 7 good reasons why AIS is delivering the Crossrail Tunnel Ventilation Control System using Smart SCADA integration and why Siemens WinCC OA is the best product for your application.


Designed for efficiency

From user guidance to the authorisation system, from the alarm concept to system integration, WinCC OA brings together multiple and disparate data streams into a single coherent database. It provides a solid foundation for the applications that deliver the client control and monitoring requirements.


Rapid & reliable application development

We use WinCC OA’s innovative, end to end object orientation software to create application libraries which means it’s faster and more efficient to develop new applications and modify or extend existing ones.


Transforms data into information

All SCADA systems provide data but a smart integration with WinCC OA takes this a step further. Using Siemens’ Smart SCADA option, functions such as condition monitoring and root cause analysis, alarm prediction and KPI calculations – information to improve core system operations – can be provided.


Achieves a new level of scalability

Most SCADA systems are scalable but WinCC OA offers complete flexibility, scaling from a single machine to multi-server environment with distributed and redundant high end systems that cover national infrastructure projects.


Pre-approved to meet SIL3 safety levels

WinCC OA is available in fault tolerant configurations and the only SCADA solution to be safety approved up to SIL3.


Control and monitoring from anywhere

WinCC OA has a mobile client for iOS and Android which offers the same features and functionality as a standard fixed user interface, so systems can be monitored and controlled from any location via smart phone or tablet. This transforms access for maintenance engineers.


Proven for use in rail and road infrastructure

From Crossrail to the New York Metro and from the Gothard Base Tunnel to the Swiss Federal Railways, WinCC OA is SCADA without limits to support an extensive global user base. At AIS we aim to set the benchmark for WinCC OA design, build and integration for smart infrastructure projects.


AIS is a Smart SCADA Integrator and approved Siemens WinCC OA Solution Partner.

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