Siemens SCADA Specialist

Certified ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & ISO 14001


AIS have developed an extensive suite of applications – covering hardware and software – for infrastructure projects. A summary of these applications is provided below.

If you have any other control applications, please call us and one of our consultants will meet with you to discuss requirements and derive a scope of work.



Site Wide SCADA & Control

Supervisory monitoring & control for Operators, Maintenance & Management – fault tolerant & high availability

Fire Detection

Linear heat sensors for tunnel; Interface to fire alarm system for cross passages; VEASDA sensors for gas detection

Smoke Detection

Fixed CCTV systems with analysers for smoke detection;Links to linear heat for automatic fire response using coincidence of detection

Life Safety HMI

Integrating safety systems into a single user interface for emergency management & system control

Lighting Control

Supervisory control of intelligent LED lighting; direct control of luminaries; control of L20; Transition; Exit zones; Interface to tunnel luminance photometer

Generators & HV

Management of changeover / recovery between DNO supplies & Generators; Fault tolerant PLC control; Generator testing with loadbanks


Longitudinal & Transverse; Invert Purging; Metro systems; Full & back up modes; Link to signalling (rail) for emergency train ventilation

Pollution Monitoring

Detection of CO, NO2, Visibility; Link to tunnel ventilation for automatic pollution control


Duty, Assist & Standby operation; Mechanical or ultrasonic level switches; Hydrocarbon detection & diversion of flow to interceptor tanks

Tunnel Operation Reports

KPI reports on alarms, equipment & road availability


Automatic vehicle detection; stopped vehicles; pedestrians on roadway

Fire Suppression

Pumping station & release valve control for water mist or deluge systems

SIL 2 Approved Systems

BS EN 61508 & BS EN 50128 (Rail) compliant

Wayfinding Lights

Active signage during an incident that requires tunnel evacuation

Emergency Telephones

Voice Over IP

Training Simulators

Training for tunnel operators in normal & emergency modes



Wind Speed & Direction

Measurements and displays via SCADA

Met Office link for wind speed & direction forecasts

Plotting actual vs forecast; Prediction of intervention measures / closures for high winds

Bridge Lighting & Signage Control
Bridge Structural Health Monitoring

Weather impact analysis; Accelerometers for vibration monitoring; Wind speed & direction monitoring; Rain meters; Tilt meters to measure deck movement



Pollution Monitoring

Detection of CO, NO2, Visibility; Link to tunnel ventilation for automatic pollution control

Data analysis of groundwater and environmental stability

Long term hydrogeological monitoring for potential nuclear spent fuel storage



Tunnel automation for Automated People Mover

Including ventilation control and dynamic escape signage for APM applications

Baggage Handling SCADA

Software for monitoring and reporting on baggage systems



Control of electrical & hydraulic berthing equipment

Via PLCs including safety I/O

Berthing SCADA system

Monitoring of Berthing operations and full reporting


Built Environments

PLC based BMS for Data Centres including:

Critical cooling
Gas detection



Bespoke Control Systems