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Applied Industrial Systems - Cumberland Infirmary

Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Along with many of our customers and partners, Applied Industrial Systems shares the belief that along with achieving commercial excellence, companies should strive to do good in their communities too. We may be a smaller company in comparison with the major contractors and technology partners we work with, but our responsibility and desire to contribute towards improving society is equally significant.

The construction industry is known for its fast-paced and stressful working conditions. Many of us have first hand experience of the long term health impacts this can have on individuals. Although it is regarded as a physically active profession, the risk of strokes and developing a chronic heart condition among professionals in the sector is becoming increasingly common.

One of the initiatives AIS has been supporting is About Being, a specialist dance and movement project designed for stroke survivors and their carers, which is being operated in partnership with Cumbria University. Here, AIS provides financial support to enable this unique programme to become sustainable and offer stroke sufferers the opportunity to re-gain autonomy and agency through movement.

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