Siemens SCADA Specialist

Certified ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & ISO 14001

Health & Safety

Safety for all stakeholders lies at the heart of everything we do at AIS. We take the health and safety of employees, clients, their customers and the public at large, very seriously. That’s why we’ve adopted the TARGET ZERO objective and why we maintain ISO 45001 certification.


Whether we are working on site or in our own offices, our vision for health and safety is based on three core beliefs:

We all have the right to go home unharmed every day

All harm is preventable

We must work together to achieve this

Good governance and an active approach to maintaining health and safety goals are essential.

AIS has an excellent health and safety track record with no reportable incidents in the company’s history, but history is just that, behind us. It’s what lies in front of us that matters and because AIS works extensively with Siemens, we also share their ZERO HARM objectives, which in practical terms means:

No complacency – No accidents – No injuries

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ISO 45001 certification for Health and Safety