Siemens SCADA Specialist

Certified ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & ISO 14001


Simon Burras

Managing & Sales Director

BSc Physics with Electronics
Simon Burras

Simon joined AIS in 2003 and has developed the business by building on the strong engineering and software technical base established by the founding team.

Simon worked for various test and engineering companies where he gained a wide range of experience from large scale manufacturing through to the design and build of automation systems. Moving from engineering to sales support and then sales, his engineering experience has enabled him to work closely with clients during the specification and scoping phases of projects.
Specific experience includes:

  • Oil & Gas – Fire and gas and emergency shutdown systems
  • Test & Measurement systems for manufacturers
  • Transportation – SIL2 based Tunnel Safety systems for road and rail

Simon has been responsible for developing the strategic relationship between AIS and Siemens.

Phil Parkin

Operations Director

B.Eng Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Phil Parkin

Phil joined AIS in 2010 and has over 30 years of experience working in a wide variety of industries with a focus on managing and leading projects that combine skills in IT, engineering and safety systems. He has worked for major companies such as Ferranti, SD-Scicon, Electronic Data Systems, Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation. During that time Phil managed successful projects across a range of industry sectors including:

  • Oil & Gas – Fire and gas and emergency shutdown systems
  • Nuclear – Environmental safety monitoring
  • Chemical – Energy management
  • Petrochemical – SCADA based process optimisation
  • Transport – SIL2 based Tunnel Safety systems for road and rail

Phil uses his extensive technical, programme and project management experience to deliver our successful portfolio of projects large and small.

Roger Swift

Technical Director

BSc Mechanical Engineering
Roger Swift

Roger founded the company in 1990 with two colleagues who are still with the company. Before then he worked as a software consultant and then as applications manager for a real time computer manufacturer. During his 30 years in the field his skilled distillation of clients’ requirements has helped in the specification and design of:

  • Oil & Gas – Well test systems and emergency shutdown valve testing
  • Automotive – Test systems for components
  • Manufacturing – On line testing and non-contact measurement
  • Infrastructure – Structural Health Monitoring and R&D support
  • Transport – Tunnel SCADA and life safety control systems

He also supervises the Company’s quality, environmental and health and safety management systems.