Roger Swift

About Being project proves a huge success

Over the past year, AIS has been supporting About Being, a unique dance project for stroke survivors led by dance therapist Susie Tate, to help stroke survivors regain their mobility, dignity and sense of self.

Like many companies with an active CSR programme, AIS wanted to acknowledge the fantastic work being done in the community by some less well known and funded initiatives. When one of our colleagues suffered a major stroke, the long-term impact this has on people was very apparent and Susie’s work became particularly relevant to us.

Susie has pioneered the use of weekly dance therapy sessions with stroke survivors and their families in Cumbria, working in partnership with Cumberland Infirmary. Thanks to her work, it has been possible to demonstrate the potential of the healing arts in stroke recovery across multiple dimensions – from physical and emotional recovery, the development of resilience and providing opportunities for socialisation, to a chance for family relaxation.

Now 12 months on, the project has proven to be so successful, it has been recognised as an area to continue within the hospital and for the impact of her work to be further researched. Her programme has been cited as one of the key initiatives operated during 2018. As a result, two other acute hospitals are also linking up with Cumberland Infirmary, to deliver similar dance programmes for stroke sufferers.

The feedback participants have given really encapsulates how much Susie’s work has touched the lives of those involved:

“Coming to this group is my weekly medicine”

“You have bought him back – he could not stop talking for days after the session! He was the man I met.” Participant’s wife

“I feel a lot more confident since coming to the group” … “Me too – and they are such a lovely team.”

Funding for projects like these is difficult to obtain and yet the benefits speak for themselves.

Without our financial support, Susie Tate’s project would not have materialised and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to get involved and through her expertise, help others. We hope that by sharing the results of Susie’s work with others, more companies can become aware of its potential and possibly get involved too.

For more information on Susie Tate’s work, visit