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Certified ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & ISO 14001

Case Study:
TVCS for Crossrail – Elizabeth Line

Case Study: Ensuring safety for 200m passengers

AIS & Siemens provide £4m tunnel ventilation system on the Crossrail project

Project Background

Crossrail is one of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects and the new Elizabeth Line built will carry 200 million passengers annually through a 42km tunnel network.

The tunnel ventilation control system developed by AIS using Siemens technology is key to the safe operation of the new tunnel network.

Siemens and AIS were awarded the £3.9m project by ATC JV (a joint venture between Alstom, TSO and Costain), following a competitive tender.

As a partnership, the Siemens / AIS team were successful because we offered a combination of Siemens SIL approved WinCC OA SCADA software and relevant SCADA integration experience from AIS. This included a strong track record for delivering large infrastructure, SIL2 approved ventilation control systems on time and within budget.

Siemens and AIS have proven experience with high profile projects in this area so we knew the technology and support services were proven and felt they were best suited to meet the project’s demands. 

Simon Mott
VCS Package Engineer at ATC JV

Solution Delivered

  • Control system for 48 fans and over 160 dampers located across 18 tunnel shafts (with 100s of ventilation and back up modes in the event of equipment failure)
  • Provides: automatic control for cooling for trains and operator initiated ventilation to support maintenance activities under normal operations and smoke extraction to aid passenger safety in the event of an emergency
  • Interfaces to the signalling system for train location and to pass ventilation system status which is used as part of train control
  • Designed to SIL2 safety integrity levels in accordance with BS EN 61508
  • Custom developed software application based on Siemens (SIL rated) S7-400FH PLCs and WinCC OA SCADA software, including an AIS developed standard library of objects specifically for ventilation control
  • Touch screen HMI integrates data from all of the systems into a single user interface that has been developed in conjunction with the operators to ensure effective and fast operation of the system – especially during emergency conditions
  • Supports users at the Regional Control Centre and Backup Control Facility for full redundancy.

AIS added value as control system integrators:

  • Expert tunnel ventilation control system specialists – application developed on a standard library of ventilation system objects
  • Ability to integrate multiple, disparate control systems and provide a single user interface that meets the latest human factors development requirements
  • Experienced at developing SIL2 systems and having them validated as part of the overall safety case
  • Collaborative design approach ensures high user acceptance with projects delivered on time and within budget.