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Dartford Tunnels Fixed Fire Fighting System

The World’s First SIL 2 FFFS

As part of the risk reduction measures mandated by the European Union Directives, Connect Plus Services have installed a high pressure water mist FFFS (Fixed Fire Fighing System) to protect against fires in the Dartford tunnels.

AIS updated the ventilation design to aid the effectiveness of the FFFS. Fogtec supplied and installed the FFFS. We extended the SIL2 ventilation control system to operate the high pressure section valves in the incident zone.


Fire Suppression HMI
Dartford FFFS Test

FFFS Integration

The SIL2 Life Safety Control systems at Dartford integrate the incident detection systems (linear fibre optic DTS and CCTV Video analytics) with the ventilation, FFFS and evacuation guidance lighting control.

The dedicated HMIs are backed up by identical pages on the Web based SCADA system to ensure there are no single points of failure.

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