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I P Huse
Heat Treatment

I P Huse is based on a small island North of Alesund in Norway, where they make the biggest winches in the world. They called in AIS when they increased their maximum gearwheel diameter from 4.5m to 6m.

To control the temperature of a 4m diameter wheel the operator walked around the wheel, in an unpleasant atmosphere, to find the front of a rotating display of 4 temperatures and then adjusted the set points on 4 ovens.

WinCC SCADA display for I P Huse Heat Treatment

For a 6m diameter wheel they need 8 temperatures and 18 ovens. The control had to be automated.

AIS used WiFi to acquire temperature data on the rotating wheel and automated the wheel rotation and temperature control for each stage of the tooth hardening process. The operator interface was implemented as a Siemens WinCC project.