Siemens SCADA Specialist

Certified ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & ISO 14001

SKB Hydro Monitoring

SKB have a research project 500m underground (see more here) with large numbers of sensors spread over a wide area.

Readings arrive from multiple sources, asynchronously, from sensors that often move and are subject to re-calibration after the event. This makes for a complex process of continual re-calculation.

SKB’s community of researchers access all this complex data over a web interface.

SKB Hard Rock Laboratory
SKB Trend Configuration
D3 Graph of SKB Data

Data are collected from several types of remote I/O devices and data loggers over a wide area network and over radio modems as well as from files collected from remote sites.

Calculated results are logged to a relational database and D3 graphs are used to provide trends on the project web site.